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20 Sep 2017

So Proud, So Happy, So Thankful & Grateful

Leslie is our Accessories & Shoes Buyer. She traveled with our team in the recent Mission Trip to Peru. Here is her story...

I had the opportunity go to Peru on our first Altar'd State Give Back Mission Trip to visit and see firsthand all of the work we have been doing there as part of our philanthropy efforts. We are building schools, churches, homes, and aid centers in the slums of Peru and sponsoring kids who go to these schools.  

We feed them 2 meals a day while they are in school, which could be the only nutritional meal they eat that day. 

To see firsthand what we have been able to build for the people in these communities is really overwhelming and quite emotional.  I think I cried about one thing every single day.  But they are so proud, so happy, so thankful and grateful.  They welcomed us like celebrities when we came to visit their schools.  Walking into churches, knowing these people have a place to come together to worship and to get married is really quite humbling.  I am so proud to be a part of something that is providing this sense of community, education and opportunity to these children and their families. 


While I was there, I got to meet my sponsored child, Jeissy (pronounced Jessie) who is in her 2nd year of high school. She wrote me a letter in perfect English the next day, addressing it "Dear and Beautiful Godmother" (heart exploded!).  She promised to do well in her studies so she can become a professional when she grows up, so that she can help others who are less fortunate, as I am helping her.

We bonded over Volleyball, as I played volleyball in middle school at her age, and we played in the courtyard at her school the day that I met her. I arranged to send her her very own volleyball through the Coprodeli organization for her birthday because she is very good at it! I want to do everything I can from here in America to make sure she can reach her potential. 

I am so proud and thankful Altar'd State has partnered with such a noble, smart, organized, effective and efficient leader in Padre Miguel and Coprodeli. They are doing it right! And I am glad we can be a part of it!