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8 Nov 2017

Mi Familia!

Lacy is an Apparel Buyer and one of the associates that ventured to Peru on our last Mission Trip. Here is her story...

When I found out that I was going to Peru on Altar’d State’s first giving trip, I was so excited! The first thought I had was that I couldn’t wait to meet my sponsor child, Yasuri. I bought her gifts, printed her pictures of my family, and wrote her a note in anticipation for our introduction—I felt so prepared!

When I got to Peru, I was told that I would meet her on Tuesday, and the nerves started to kick in. I even planned my outfit! I wore pink sparkly shoes because I remembered her saying that her favorite color was pink in a video that she had once sent me. I started to wonder, “Will she even know who I am?” When we got to the school, I was at the front of the pack, needing to get the first peek! As soon as the door to the school opened, there were 2 children standing with the principal to welcome us, and she was one of those children! I recognized her immediately, and when we made eye contact, she recognized me immediately too. She started to jump up and down in excitement and her face burst with joy. In that moment, my heart exploded.

I could not believe how excited she was to meet me! It was almost like she had been waiting all her life to know me. We hugged as tears rolled down both of our cheeks.

I even got to visit her home! We walked a very, very long ways together to get there. She spoke a few words of English, and I know the basics of Spanish—but the language barrier didn’t even matter, because we knew what the other was feeling. When we got to her house, I met her Father, who thanked me continuously. He started taking things off of his walls and tables to give to me. I started thinking how giving they were! They had very little, however, was ready to give me anything to show their gratitude. I gave them a picture of my husband, our dogs, and me. He immediately placed the picture on the wall and said, “Mi Familia!”


The next day, Yasuri’s Grandmother was volunteering at the school. She had brought me more gifts and notes! She told me that yesterday was the best day of Yasuri’s life. Yasuri’s mother had passed away, and she had been very sad, but she told me that God had sent me to be her God Mother so that Yasuri’s heart would heal. This meant the world to me. Now, I cannot imagine never having met Yasuri and her wonderful family. We did a lot of fun, unforgettable, life-changing things in Peru, but this by far is one of the best moments of my life. I will carry this moment in my heart forever, and will be there for Yasuri every step of the way.


 and one of the associates that ventured to Peru on our last Mission Trip. Here is her story...

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