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11 Jul 2018

I will forever remember the experience we had...

On Thursday, we traveled to Comatrana and visited Coprodeli San Fernando School. Some of us had sponsor children at this school and we could not wait to meet them, it is something we have been looking forward to for a long time. Seeing the school and my sponsor child for the first time brought an anxiousness that made me nervous and excited at the same time.

As we approached the school it was incredible to see the HUGE welcome that the school and its children had put on for us. All we could see were the children waving their hands in the air with balloons – it was breath taking. They screamed in excitement as we walked off the bus, it was as if we were celebrities, but what they didn’t know if that they were the special ones in our eyes.



They performed a dance for us and gave us the most creative thank you sign that said, “Thank to your generous heart, we received a good education. We love you very much Altar’d State.” It was SO creative, you could feel the love and joy. Most of us had to put our sunnies on due to tearing up with happiness. First, how did they learn how to dance so well at such a young age?



Second, they went out of their way to prep for us to come visit. It was amazing! Not to mention, the children’s family members were there wanting to take pictures with us. They were so excited; they fixed their hair before the picture and kept saying “gracias, gracias” for what we contributed afterwards. The families think we are changing their lives but really they are changing ours… my heart is so full.


The principle took us for a tour of the school and we were able to meet all of the students in each class room. The student’s eyes were lit up, you could tell that they were happy to see us as we were as well - some of them had prepared songs, gifts and cards for us. They were so excited to show off what they prepared and their classrooms. The children are so smart, it is unbelievable. Oh and so creative.

They showed so much appreciation for us being there. For a moment, I thought to myself what I did to deserve all of this. I wish I could sufficiently describe how I felt…



After visiting all of the class rooms (primary grade), the principle took us for a tour in the new building that we contributed towards, they were prepping it for the Secondary Grade. The building had an Altar’d State logo on it, we had to stop for a minute and really take that in.

It was time to meet our sponsor children, all of us were ready to meet our children. While we were waiting patiently for our sponsor children, I noticed it was a little quiet, a good quiet. They called our sponsor children one by one.

As soon as they called Miciel, we both walked slowly towards each other and hugged. She is such a sweet and beautiful girl. She was a little shy at first which is expected. It took a little bit for her to warm up but once we were finally able to understand each other, we played.

We could have spent time with our sponsor children all day, our coordinator, Jose had to tell us to pick up and say our goodbyes a couple good times, that’s how hard it was to say goodbye. Miciel and I gave each other at least 5 hugs before actually saying bye.



I will forever remember the experience we had. It was more than I could have asked for or even imagined.

-Kayla, District Manager


-Kayla, District Manager

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