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Store Stories // West Town Mall

June 04, 2019
West Town Mall | Knoxville, Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee, home of the Volunteers. In this little college town of ours, we say “Go Vols” with pride! We also have great joy in saying we are the Altar’d State home store! Within the four walls of West Town, our team is dedicated to building a sanctuary for our guest where she feels inspired and uplifted. The West Town family focuses on sharing our faith, and our World class service to make an impact in our community. You never know how a simple smile, warm greeting or a compliment in the fitting room is going to change someone’s day for the better. This is a place for family and friends to feel welcome and most of all loved. A soft place to fall when you need a hug or prayer. We are a family here in West Town and grateful that you have allowed us to become a part of yours.

Over the last nine years, the people of Knoxville have watched Altar’d State grow and been hopelessly devoted to our mission in our community. We could not be more thankful they chose to come to us over and over again, whether it be in a time of need in their lives, or to simply find that perfect outfit. Knoxville, you have chosen to love us, and we will continue to serve our community through volunteer work and Mission Monday proceeds here at West Town. Thank you, Knoxville, for always choosing to Stand Out for Good with us.
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Stand Out. For Good. With Us.