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Our Sorority Rush Outfit Guide

April 30, 2024

You’re signed up for sorority recruitment this fall - how exciting! You are about to meet so many new people and form lifelong relationships at your new school. But first - what to wear? Philanthropy, sisterhood, preference… there's a rush outfit for every stage of the recruitment process. Don’t fret - we are breaking down what to wear for each round. We'll have you dressing confidently, feeling like yourself, and standing out during recruitment. Let's go Greek!


1: Open House

Two women wearing black and white top and skirt
Going Pro Skort & Square Up Top / Ultimate Strappy Dress

Open House or Go Greek round of recruitment is an introductory, casual round. You will likely just be meeting other potential new members (PNMs) and watching videos about each chapter. You’ll want to dress comfortably, but still look cute! We recommend an athleisure look like a skort or active dress.


2: Philanthropy Round

Two women wearing rush t-shirts and white skirts
Wilma Skort & Serenna Slides / Raleigh Lace Layered Shorts & Adelia Platform Wedges

For Philanthropy Round, you’ll make your rounds at each house and learn about the philanthropic missions that are close to each sorority’s heart. During this round, you may be provided with a matching t-shirt that all PNMs receive. Since everyone’s shirt will be the same, you’ll have to use other elements to stand out. Try an eyelet skort or a bold ruffle skirt… then give your t-shirt a cute tuck. This will be the longest day during rush, so for footwear we recommend sandals with a slight platform. Finish off your look with jewelry that reflects your personal style – and can also serve as a conversation starter.


3: Sisterhood Round

Two women in cocktail dresses
Brooklyn Dress & Carla Heels / Arlet Bow Dress

During Sisterhood Round, you’ll have the opportunity to spend more time at a few houses. You’ll likely have more in-depth conversations, which is a great opportunity for the sororities to get to know your amazing personality. Finally, it’s time for a rush dress. We look to florals, fun details, and puff sleeves to make an impression for this round. Add wedges or platforms to elevate your style and stand out. Finally, we can’t forget the details - dainty jewelry or a pair of statement earrings pair well with this look.


4: Preference Round

Two women wearing blue dresses
Karen Lace Midi DressCorrie Mini Dress

Preference is the last - and most formal - round of recruitment, where you’ll spend more time on your final choices for your sorority house. You’ll have the chance to connect more with the women you have met from the sorority, and truly consider if you can envision yourself in that chapter. Since preference night is the most formal of the rounds, this will be your most elevated rush ensemble.  Think: wedding guest chic. Wear something that makes you feel confident and portrays your personal style. We suggest opting for a heel for this round – you won’t have to wear them for too long!


5: Don't Forget Your Rush Bag!

tote bag
Lillian Claw Clip / The Sanctuary Collection

Keeping a bag of your essentials with you during recruitment is so important. Having a go-to Rush Bag with you each day will set you up for success in more ways than one. We suggest you include a mini fan, claw clip, travel Sanctuary Perfume, a cosmetic bag with makeup and a brush, and lots of water (our Kait Cup is ideal for this)!

There are more curated outfits to love in our Rush Shop. You can even filter the shop by round to find what speaks to you and your style. 

We are wishing you an amazing Rush! As you navigate this whirlwind of events, remember that your college experience is about so much more than these couple of weeks. So many good things are coming your way—embrace every moment and step forward in confidence!